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Auto Elegance provides concorde level detailing packages for both the interior and exterior. We specialise in restoring your factory paint and interior. If you have a particular request or would like to customise a package to suit you, feel free to contact us.

Auto Elegance offers paint enhancement and paint correction packages to suit all of our clients needs. We have developed our processes and enhanced our abilities through years of experience and dedication to ensure our "quality before quantity" philosophy is met. All of our clients vehicles are prepared and decontaminated before any correction, enhancement or protection treatments. We only use the best products & equipment available such as Rupes, Koch Chemie, Swissvax & more to achieve the best results possible. 

Auto Elegance was purposely created for applying high quality paint protection services within North Brisbane. With the correct equipment, lighting and environment we are able to apply professional grade ceramic coatings to every surface of the vehicle without any imperfections. 
All ceramic coatings are made of a Silicon-dioxide (Si02) chemical. They are not made equal with differences in quality, durability and effectiveness. However, the most important point in regards to ceramic coatings is the way in which they are applied, including the preparation of the paints surface, application of the coating and final bonding to the paints surface.

Faded headlights are never a good look on your vehicle, but more importantly they refract the light from emitting onto the road, which is extremely dangerous whilst driving at night. Headlight restorations are an affordable way to completely transform the look of your car whilst increasing the light emitting performance.

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